What Can I Earn as a Hypnotherapist?

It’s not all about the money – but becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist is an amazing thing to do with significant earning opportunities for the right people, who do the right things.

What you can earn as a Clinical Hypnotherapist is entirely up to you.

Your earnings will depend on a number of things, like your work ethic, the time you want to devote to the therapy, the way in which you deploy the processes we teach you and, of course, your dedication. 

Now this is really key…What we don’t want to do is profiteer. 

We don’t want to take advantage of people in this situation. 

It’s a great place to be when you come from a place of helping people to succeed,

Your income will be from the payments made to you by your clients.
You are free to set your own prices but our recommended prices range from a minimum of £85 up to £150 per session and above.

In addition, you can provide client packages.
These will normally be £180 – £350

There are also additional revenue opportunities from things like group coaching or putting on local workshops.  (to keep things simple) we have ignored many other additional income streams.

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