Create your ideal life as a fully Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist

Build Your Ideal Lifestyle Business as a Clinical Hypnotherapist
Help people improve their lives
Hypnotherapy Training College


Hypnotherapy Training College

As a fully Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist  you’ll help people overcome the challenges they face in life  – all whilst building a profitable, successful lifestyle business that you can truly be proud of.

You have the option to train online from home in your own time at your own pace, or if you prefer you can join us in the classroom. 

Whichever method of training you select you will have full support and guidance from our highly experienced tutors. 

We provide the training. The tools. The systems. The support.

Enabling you to get to work helping others.

So if you are looking to make a change in your life OR you are wanting a new challenge that is designed to be staff, stock and stress free…

Then becoming a Fully Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist might just be the dream business you’ve been looking for.

Discover all the details and see exactly how the Accredited training works in our virtual Info-Session today:

Who This is For

The Clinical Hypnotherapy Training is a perfect fit for people that are looking for a change. It’s ideal if you want to earn great money whilst helping others to achieve their ideal life…

Want to work From Home

Hypnotherapy Student
Get access to our proven systems that both attract your clients AND get results for them (plus enjoy the credibility of becoming a Fully Accredited and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Looking for a New Career

Hypnotherapy Student
If you've fallen out of love with your existing job then this training might just be the perfect thing for you. Learn how to create the lifestyle you and your family deserve.

Existing Therapists

Hypnotherapy Student
You don't need any past therapy or coaching experience to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist. We give you the training, the tools and the systems to get results.

Discover exactly how the Accredited Training works today:

What You'll Discover on the Info Session

Register for the info-session today and discover exactly how the Accredited training works, including...

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